Open to the Sky 2021
October 2020
Times Square

As the world watches,
let’s reach beyond ourselves
and Open to the Sky.

Design Pavilion is New York’s Premier Public Design Exhibition. The 5th Annual Design Pavilion will celebrate the city by presenting installations of HOPE in Times Square and around New York City.
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Open To Ideas


We keep the conversations going.
With a full portfolio of relevant and timely topics by industry thought leaders that honor the creative spirit — Design Talks are now available on demand.
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A design experience at the center of the world, exploring our future.
Get into it.
We are pleased to present Design Talks NOW
October 2020
Times Square

While Design Pavilion will return in May 2021, we are sharing programming developed with our partners, exploring topics pointing to the future, resiliency and sustainability, and humanity as touched by design. And, of course, through a design lens, we address the very urgent issues we face today.

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Design Installations
Design Pavilion™ is host to a series of experiential installations, featuring established and emerging designers, architects, brands and visionaries from around the world.
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Design Talks
The virtual Design Talks NOW series addresses topics that matter most to us now, pointing to the future, resiliency, sustainability, regeneration and humanity as touched by design, and presented by international design thought leaders.
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There are many ways in which to join our community:
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