The 2022 edition of Design Pavilion, Open to the Sky, invites you to celebrate all design sectors in New York City and worldwide. Here’s how:

Design Pavilion Installations

Designer / Exhibitor: Submit your design for an installation that celebrates design and represents ‘Open to the Sky’, to be presented in Times Square, Design Pavilion’s home base, and landmarks and neighborhoods around the city including the Pulitzer Fountain Plaza on Fifth Avenue and Flatiron Plaza, among others.  

Fabricator Sponsor: Collaborate with a designer to produce an installation. Work with a designer of your choice or we can connect your skilled production capabilities with original designs.  

Material Sponsor: Donate your building materials to the production of installations.

Design Talks

Presenter / Speaker: Propose great ideas and great thinkers for Design Talks.

Sponsor a Design Talk in our ongoing virtual and live series.  

Design Market

Vendor: Sell and promote your very well designed products through our onsite and virtual Market.  

If you have questions or would like more information on how to participate through one or more of these options, contact us by using the form below.

Get into it!


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