Building the Circular Society:

Brick by Brick

November 17, 2021 8:30 AM

According to the circular pioneers at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the circular economy is based on three fundamental questions:

  • What if waste and pollution were never created in the first place?
  • What if the economy were based on using things rather than using them up?
  • What if we could not only protect but actively improve the environment?

In Denmark, we like to add a fourth:

  • What if we designed an irresistible circular society where circularity is a clear-cut choice—both as a business model and for end consumers?

With creative and holistic design-thinking, we can make solutions that actively address these challenges. The recently published white paper by Creative Denmark, “Designing the irresistible circular society,” offers concrete strategies to position circularity as an attractive alternative. AIA New York, together with the Danish General Consulate in New York City, NYCxDESIGN, and Creative Denmark invite you to the launch of the new publication.

The circular transition requires innovative thinking and collaboration across borders. For circularity to become irresistible, we need to build communities, innovative partnerships, and alliances—and we hope to start today.

Organized by
AIANY Committee on the Environment
Design Pavilion
Creative Denmark

This event is AIA CEU certified.

Building the Circular Society:Building the Circular Society:Building the Circular Society:

Building the Circular Society:

Brick by Brick



8:30 am


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