Design, Politics & Governance:

A Value Proposition

May 19, 2017 6:00 PM

From toothbrushes to taxi hailing apps and smart phones to healthcare services, ‘design’ touches every aspect of our lives today. From the moment we are born to the very end of our lives, we each utilize a multitude of products and services designed by somebody. Design can now claim to have ‘a seat at the C-suite table’ where its role has evolved to developing systems and processes.

One system that impacts our lives in a major way is that of governance. What happens when design meets the world of politics and governance? The terms: innovation, design thinking and prototyping are taking the world by a storm. What happens when the power of design process is applied to the design of power? The value proposition of the Design professions is the promise of betterment of the quality of our lives. What is the voice of design when it comes to the practice and implementation of policy and ordinance?

Design, Politics & Governance:Design, Politics & Governance:Design, Politics & Governance:

Design, Politics & Governance:

A Value Proposition



6:00 pm


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