Dismantling the Divide:

Using Design to Foster Community and Evoke Culture



5:20 pm


This 20-minute solo presentation will focus on the critical importance and role of community and culture in design.

This theme of “community” is one that dominates the modern epoch. Whether it is expressed via how countries view their national identity, the relationship between the working force and CEOs, class struggles, entertainment and recreation, or social mobility within a capitalist framework, it has dominated modern discourse and created a sharp division between various movements.

International architect, Francisco Gonzalez Pulido of FGP Atelier, aims to design inclusive structures that acknowledge community, culture, and cater to people above all. This system entails a progressive approach to typology. In his talk, FGP will draw from his global experience, highlighting strategies and technologies he has implemented to express culture and community through design. Two projects of note include: the Diablos Rojos Stadium, Mexico City’s premier baseball stadium, and the Land Rover’s Offices in Shanghai’s Qiantain District—the city’s epicenter for international business.

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