Exploring the Five Senses

Influencing Emotions Through Sensory Design



4:00 pm


Sensory expression dominates every facet of daily life. As we enter a COVID-19 recovery period, there is a heightened focus on the future of design, culture and culinary, and how we engage with these experiences during this period of time.

To explore the importance of captivating the senses in design, Hervé Descottes and Jean-Georges will discuss how our five innate senses are activated through each artisan’s respected field in lighting and culinary, and why it is important to leverage these elements when creating compelling designs. Since their first collaboration on launch of The Mercer Kitchen in 1998, Hervé and Jean-Georges have worked closely together on 17 projects in locations all around the world. L'Observatoire International’s lighting design works to amplify Jean-Georges’ expanded dining atmosphere, creating a full experience around the dinner plate.

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