Humanizing Hard Spaces with Art + Architecture:

A Collaboration



5:00 pm


The collaboration between designers and artists to create unique public art and architectural installations.

Invention is a loop. Inspiration leads to visualization, that leads to a design concept, that leads to proof-of-concept prototyping, that leads to discovery, to enlightened perspective, to refinement and, against hard deadlines, to construction, installation, and public participation. Artists and designers bring common yet different expertise and experience to the process of creating unique installations.

What happens when inspiration collides with application? When the emotional elements of creativity intersect with the physics of construction? When passion meets practicality? And how do these conundrums breed new invention systems and engineering solutions?

Kayne Horsham and Ned Kahn draw from disparate experiences including blockbuster films, large-scale outdoor art installations, and civic infrastructure projects.

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