IDSA presents: Design for Social Impact:

How can design help shape better societies and a progressive future



6:00 pm


Design has established itself as a powerful change agent and the guiding principle of design is to better the world around us. The driving force behind design is the practice of business for profit. Is this a conundrum? How can a marriage be facilitated between the two ideals? Social impact design, a term that has come to mean: 'the practice of design for the public good' has been attracting powerful interest in recent years. Increasingly, both practicing designers and students are seeking opportunities in this field. While there is a lot of emphasis on 'Human Centered Design', how will the discussion change if we re-frame that as 'Society Centric Design'? How might we support such ventures as we go about evolving the design approach in a professional arena? How can we effectively prepare future generations of designers for this growing area of design?

To discuss these matters, we have with us, a panel of diverse design professionals who have experience in the art of Design for Social Impact.

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