Latvia Design:

Refined Heritage

July 22, 2020 2:00 PM

Design Talks NOW welcomes Latvia to the discussion and presents LATVIA DESIGN TALKS NOW delving into…

LATVIA DESIGN: Refined Heritage

Functionality is the basis of design. Heritage is the value that is both preserved and refined through sustainable efforts with technology.

Latvian-made designs represent cultural and historical heritage, uniquely combining the simplicity of Scandinavia with the opulence of Slavic decoration that is unique to Latvia’s location within the Baltics. Combining heritage with modern technologies, allows the development of products minimalist yet hand quality feeling in Baltic design. Each of the four designer and brand panelists have their own unique experience in the field of design, and together they will cover the Latvian design sector and discuss the natural, ecological, functional, extravagant, and unique take on products in today’s world.

For any questions related to cooperation with Latvian entrepreneurs, contact:
Zane Biteniece:

Latvia Design:Latvia Design:Latvia Design:

Latvia Design:

Refined Heritage



2:00 pm


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