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Many Hats X Design Talks NOW - A duo of conversations featuring multi-hyphenates at the intersection of creativity, social change and community.

In an effort to elevate Black talent within the media, creative and events industries, Many Hats has launched The Black Creative Directory - a community-sourced list of Black artists, freelancers and vendors. The three speakers on this panel were discovered through this public resource.

Talk 2: MANY HATS: Black Voices

Join a truly inspiring trio, each breaking ground in their respective industry - environmental law and policy, design and publishing - while supporting future generations as they go.  

Through an intimate conversation, they address questions that white people might feel uncomfortable asking their Black friends and colleagues and they don't hold back on their thoughts on tokenism and performative allyship.    

They speak frankly about their career paths, the many hats they wear, the meaning and importance of community, and the challenges they've faced and continue to face while trying to champion in primarily white spaces.

Many Hats is a community, content, and resource hub for multi-hyphenate creatives. Their mission is to celebrate and support non-conformist entrepreneurs, uplift marginalized talent, and amplify voices that might otherwise go unheard.

Many Hats was founded by Katerina Simonova, a serial entrepreneur who also runs No Matter - a boutique creative agency and consultancy that specializes in content marketing for fashion, beauty, wellness, and hospitality brands.

Her latest initiative is The Black Creative Directory - a community-sourced list of Black artists, freelancers, and vendors, to elevate Black talent within the media, creative, and events industries.

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