Radical Innovation:

New Hotel Experiences

May 14, 2016 2:30 PM

Hotels are the ultimate laboratory for design. Fun, fresh environments are in demand and hospitality spaces are taking big risks on style and service.

Each year, the Radical Innovation competition searches for the next big hotel concept – and the talents behind them – with a global call for entries. Ideas for co-working hotels, pop-up hotels, floating hotels and more have all passed through the competition, with some now in the process of being realized. Hosted during DESIGN PAVILION at DESIGN TALKS NYC, we will unveil the top new ideas from the 2016 call for entries. Join us to hear the latest trends in design and experience and meet some of the talent scouts looking for radically innovative ideas.

Radical Innovation:Radical Innovation:Radical Innovation:

Radical Innovation:

New Hotel Experiences



2:30 pm


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