The Future of Transportation

And Life in New York City



4:00 pm


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, SOM, focuses on the modes and issues around transportation that will be affecting life in New York City in the decades to come. This topic is inspired by The Future of Transportation, the latest publication in the SOM Thinkers series, which reflects on the interventions that are shaping new ways of living and moving.

This group of panelists from an array of backgrounds offers an important variety of perspectives and a broad range of experience in architecture, advocacy, journalism, and policymaking. They walk the line between policy, theory, and practicality in the context of New York City. Transportation has as much impact on life in the city and the environment as any other issue. In this panel discussion, we will take a look at projects in the pipeline – from projects at the city’s airports to its roads, subways and waterways – and explore the solutions and innovations that will make New York a healthier, more connected city. And of course, we will examine the changes to transportation that are required post-pandemic.

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