The Next Era of Wellness

Health Data as Raw Material for Designers



4:00 pm


What is the future of wellness?

As COVID-19 will leave a lasting impact on every facet of design, the wellness industry is ripe for innovation and rethinking. Noah Waxman and Lucas Werthein of design studio Cactus will explore how the industry can evolve into the future through holistic, personalized guest experiences built around health data.

With a focus on well-being and personalized healthcare constantly growing, this discussion will address the wellness design community directly.  Learn how to leverage emerging data and visualization technologies to provide a unique, guest-focused experience that prioritizes comfort, health and well-being. Touching on various case studies, including a groundbreaking Miami ‘healthcare hotel’ set to debut in 2023, this session will discuss how health data is the new raw material for designers, and will analyze the intersection of healthcare and wellness.

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