CLB Architects presents FILTER

A quiet and serene place which serves as a moment for inward reflection.
CLB Architects presents FILTER
CLB Architects presents FILTERCLB Architects presents FILTERCLB Architects presents FILTERCLB Architects presents FILTER

FILTER was thoughtfully designed by CLB Architects, and aptly named. The 20-foot-tall steel ellipsoid pavilion served as a monument to the natural environment in the urban landscape of Times Square.   The CLB team created this extraordinary work of art in partnership with EMIT’s material donation and fabrication.

The ring of pre-fabricated steel columns created a place of contemplation where one is removed from the chaos of city noise and everyday life. Visitors experienced a moment of discovery and a mental space of solace. Constructed of steel and wood, FILTER is a tactile, sustainable, and renewable structure that celebrates our precious natural environment, as represented by a specimen tree at its center. The chapel-like structure fostered a sense of calm and encouraged the visitor to be in the moment, connecting with one’s self and the environment in this introspective space.

In addition to providing refuge for momentary meditation, Eric Logan, partner of CLB Architects, sought to deliver a message about material conservation. At the close of the event, the structure was reassembled in Wyoming at EMIT’s headquarters and will be enjoyed for generations to come. The tree was donated to The Battery Conservancy.


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