NORWAY DESIGN: Humanistic Industrial Design

How does the future of design work for humanity in community spaces?



2:00 pm


Design Talks Now welcomes Norway to the discussion and presents a special series delving into…

NORWAY DESIGN: Symbiosis With Nature

During this week’s series of three Talks, we take a close and detailed look into the perspective of Norway’s leading architects, designers and manufacturers. With a focus on craftsmanship, materials and clean lines, the philosophy behind the Norwegian design has always been hugely influential worldwide. Now, we examine how it has grown in relevance, well beyond the aesthetic into an exemplary and greatly needed process of symbiosis with nature.


Humanistic Industrial Design: How does the future of design work for humanity in community spaces.

The public right of access has a long tradition in Scandinavian countries and especially in Norway. Equally important to Norwegian design is to cause the least possible negative impact on the environment while enhancing the sense of surroundings, identity relationships and physical spaces we inhabit. Through this conversation between Norway’s leading architects and public furniture design firms, we will analyze the mission to serve humanity through design and learn how technology and optimism together can create objects and spaces for a better future.

NORWAY DESIGN: Humanistic Industrial DesignRSVP ↗NORWAY DESIGN: Humanistic Industrial Design
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