Innovation, Beauty, and New Adjustable Ways of Living

A Case Study



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Innovation and beauty are not dependent on money, but require a state of mind that encapsulates concept, innovation, and intent. Social responsibility is part of being a citizen in this world.  Every crisis is also a paradigm shift. And that in this shift, sharing knowledge and creativity, even pro-bono, is hugely beneficial for both an architectural practice and people who need it most. The agency of the architect is both in design and in the creation of cross connections, to make the impossible possible.

Probe a fascinating case study of an inventive solution developed in 2008 for a school in crisis in Liberia, that led to a successful application to a recently-completed sustainable passive solar townhouse in New York City.

Innovation, Beauty, and New Adjustable Ways of LivingRSVP ↗Innovation, Beauty, and New Adjustable Ways of Living
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