Obsidian: The Awakening

Design visionaries explore the future of home + industry with a groundbreaking show house



2:00 pm


Taking ownership of their own narrative at a time when the world closed down and sought refuge, BADG, the Black Artists + Designers Guild, took a bold step forward and created a one-of-a-kind and first-ever virtual concept house. OBSIDIAN Virtual Concept House explores Black identity, wellness, futurism, and sustainability, while pushing a strong message of diversity and equity.  

OBSIDIAN, BADG’s legacy project, imagines a future domicile utilizing cutting edge smart-home technology, integrated with advanced sustainable systems and practices by 23 BADG members from around the world.

Four Obsidian creators share their thoughts and aspirations for an equitable, sustainable and liberated future, and discuss their successful collaboration and collective imaginations that resulted in an inspired multi-generational home for Black families.

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