The Disposable Life of Interior Design:

Do Interiors Endure Time?



5:00 pm


Interiors do not endure time. They last a few years before a new owner rips out existing materials to create a new environment. Our industry earns money by this constant turnover…but is this legacy what we want to leave – fast fashion? Can we not create an attitude in our industry to cherish the endurance of good design; prizes for saving the existing; can we create a City Harvest for the Interior Design industry? Can we design reusable systems for interior surfaces – design the “take-down” – plan a purposeful disposal at the outset?

By a personal example of a graffiti destruction party of one of our high-end restaurant designs - which had been voted best in the world - we began to monitor the time a restaurant design endures….seven years. Then started to monitor other projects such as hotels, schools, offices…..

Can we not stop the waste?

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