The Seventh Seal – An Opera

When Art Becomes Reality



4:00 pm


Exploring Themes of Creativity, Production, Archetypes, Reflection and Catalyst

The power of the imagination shapes reality. There is a dialogue between art and reality where one influences the other.

When Ingmar Bergman wrote The Seventh Seal his characters where set in the era of the Bubonic Plague. A knight returning from the crusades plays a chess match with Death. The artists survive, symbolically winning over Death, when all else is lost.

In the shadow of COVID-19 the realization of MacDowell’s operatic adaptation of the film has been disrupted. Bergman’s themes and characters have suddenly become even more relevant, real, and resonate. The performing arts needs to adapt to a post COVID world.

Join us in an intimate discussion with the core creatives and producers of The Seventh Seal opera, and how they are using their production as a platform for imagining a better future.

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