Design Talks 2020

Design Talks NOW uncovers why design matters NOW through the exploration of current tones and shared human experience as we face a drastically changed world.
Design Talks 2020

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In the tradition of Design Talks™, the virtual NOW series continues to address topics pointing to the future, resiliency, sustainability, regeneration and humanity as touched by design, and embracing things that matter most.

Design Talks NOW is a collective of individual perspectives documented at this historic moment, featuring architecture, design, art and civic vision by creative leaders, forward thinkers and innovative dreamers.

In 2021, Design Talks Now will produce two series of conversations, roundtables and panel discussions for the Spring and the Fall in anticipation of the unveiling of Open to the Sky to the public.

Head Hi Book Kiosk

Design Pavilion is pleased to present the Head Hi virtual book kiosk on our Design Talks NOW platform. Head Hi features a curated selection of vanguard and diverse publications from around the globe, including architecture, art and design books, magazines and self-published materials carefully selected to complement and enhance the Design Talk series of topics. We are thrilled to offer, in partnership with Head Hi, additional exploration on the concerns and interests of our time, for further thought, curiosity and enjoyment.